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Looking to immigrate to America? ✈️

There are four things you MUST know before starting your immigration application. Here’s how to make your American Dream a reality.

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We're the India immigration law firm you've been searching for.

Want to immigrate from India to America?

We focus on Indian immigration cases, and we’ve helped thousands of Indian immigrants just like you with successful applications.

Need help from an attorney who understand India's laws?

Collecting the right Indian documents can be a nightmare. Our firm knows exactly what you need to get accepted by USCIS.

Need an attorney that will guide you from start to finish?

Immigration is already stressful enough. Let us handle everything from start to finish, and make your American Dream come true.


— Ajay K.

WHY CHOOSE Dalal & Mehta law firm?

Fast applications. Zero errors. High success rate. Dalal & Mehta are your India-to-America immigration specialists.


Immigration laws can be a maze to navigate, which is why you should search for an attorney with experience and dedication in this field. Our law firm has committed itself fully to assisting immigrants from India through the visa application process; our singular focus on immigration issues allows us to provide successful outcomes for thousands of people annually.


Making mistakes in your immigration application can be catastrophic, leading to a visa denial or an extended wait time. Unfortunately, some attorneys put off submitting applications for weeks and months at a time. In contrast to that kind of negligence, we promise prompt submissions with zero errors.


Immigration and delays are often inseparable. Nothing can be more disheartening than waiting for months without any updates regarding your case status. However, our firm is always available to answer all of your concerns; in addition, with 24/7 online case tracking system you will have the ability to check on your application's progress at any time!

4 India to America Specialists.

If you dream of immigrating to America from India, you know the difficulties of navigating local laws. Gathering essential documents can be almost impossible at times! We understand your struggles and are here to assist with gaining USCIS recognition for all necessary paperwork. We're specialists in providing immigration between India and America.

5 We take on the hard cases.

Our visa application success rate is an extraordinary 97%, and that's because we are not afraid to take on the toughest cases. Does your case feel impossible or have you been denied by other lawyers? If so, don't give up hope just yet — let us help! We understand how hard it can be trying to immigrate and want to do our best in assisting you.


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97% success rate
Thousands of visas / year
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"Dalal & Mehta made my immigration application so easy. I can’t wait to work with them again for my green card!

— Priyanka P.

Cases we handle.

We handle all immigration cases. Even the tough ones.

Immigration Appeals

Re-open and appeal your case for the best outcome possible.

Writ of Mandamus

Force USCIS to take action on your case, now. Contact Dalal & Mehta today.


Family-based immigration visas for immigrants currently living abroad in India.


Family-based green cards for Indian immigrants currently in the United States.

VAWA Self-Petition

Lawful permanent residence for victims of domestic abuse and their children.


Asylum. Deportation proceedings. Special cases. We handle it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general requirements for immigrating to the United States from India?

The basic requirements to immigrate to the United States from India include having a valid passport, filling out an immigrant visa application, and passing a medical examination. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, you may also need to demonstrate proof of financial support and have certain documents like job experience or education certificates.

What are the different immigration options available to Indian citizens?

Indian citizens have several immigration options available to them depending on their goals. These can include family-based visas for those wanting to reunite with family members, employment-based visas for those seeking to work and live in the US, student visas for those who want to pursue higher education, or investor and entrepreneur visas for those looking to start a business.

What are the general requirements for obtaining a US visa?

In general, the process for obtaining a US visa involves submitting an immigrant visa application, providing supporting documents, and undergoing an interview at a US Embassy or Consulate. You may also need to pass certain medical tests as part of the application process.

Why should Indian immigrants pick a law firm that specializes in Indian clients?

An "immigration lawyer Indian near me" that specialize in Indian clients understand the unique challenges faced by Indian immigrants and can provide tailored advice and assistance. These firms have extensive knowledge of the US immigration system, including rules and regulations for visa applications and naturalization. They are also knowledgeable about Indian culture and can provide guidance on cultural expectations. Additionally, they can help Indian immigrants learn about the US, adjust to cultural differences, and integrate into American society more easily.

What are the general requirements for Adjustment of Status?

Adjustment of status is the process of changing from one non-immigrant visa to another, such as an immigrant visa. The general requirements for Adjustment of Status include filing Form I-485 and having a valid passport, a valid non-immigrant visa, and other documents like medical record or financial support evidence.

What is the difference between a Green Card and a visa?

A Green Card is an authorization to live and work permanently in the United States, while a visa is a document that allows you to stay for a limited period of time. A Green Card can be obtained through family sponsorship, employment or investment, refugee or asylum status, or certain forms of humanitarian relief. Visas are usually issued for tourism purposes, business trips, or study. Depending on the type of visa you have, you may be able to extend your stay after the initial period expires.

What are the general requirements for naturalization?

In order to become a US citizen through naturalization, you must meet certain requirements. These include being at least 18 years old, having lawful permanent residence in the US for a minimum of five years, passing an English and civics test, taking an oath of allegiance to the United States, showing good moral character, and meeting other eligibility requirements such as being a member of the US armed forces. Naturalization can also be obtained through marriage to a US citizen or by serving in certain positions in the US government.

What are the benefits of becoming a US citizen?

US citizens enjoy certain rights and benefits that are not available to non-citizens. These include the right to vote, access to federal jobs, the ability to sponsor family members for permanent residency, access to better healthcare and education opportunities, the ability to travel freely in and out of the US, and other privileges. Becoming a US citizen also allows you to apply for naturalization of your children and gives them access to the same rights and benefits as you.

How can I increase my chances of obtaining a US visa?

Your chances of obtaining a US visa can be improved by understanding the application process in detail and preparing thoroughly for your interview. It is also important to make sure that you have all the documents required for the visa application and that they are up-to-date, accurate, and complete.

If my case is complicated, should I hire an Indian immigration attorney?

If your case is complex or involves a large number of documents, it may be beneficial to hire Indian lawyers in USA for immigration. An experienced and qualified lawyer can help you navigate the immigration process and ensure that your application is filed correctly. They can also provide advice on how to prepare for an interview, what documents are required, and answer any questions you may have about the process.

What can I do if I am facing deportation from the United States?

If you are facing deportation from the United States, it is important to contact Indian immigration lawyers as soon as possible. An attorney can review your case, identify any potential legal options, and help you to build a defense. Your lawyer may be able to assist you in applying for relief from deportation, such as applying for cancellation of deportation or asylum.

How do I pick the right Indian immigration lawyer near me?

When looking for the best immigration lawyer near me Indian, it is important to do your research. Look for lawyers that specialize in Indian clients and have experience working with Indian immigrants. Make sure they have a good track record and read reviews from former clients to ensure that you are getting the best possible service.

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